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Today, the NHL unveiled its slate of 2024 Stadium Series uniforms, less than a month before the two-game series will be held outdoors at MetLife Stadium in New Jersey.

Four teams will compete over the weekend of February 17-18, with the Philadelphia Flyers taking on the host New Jersey Devils on Saturday, followed by the New York Rangers and New York Islanders meeting on Sunday.

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The uniforms, as they always are for the Stadium Series, are modern with big details – the reason is that the fans sit far away in the stadium setting, so the logos and numbers need to be larger in order for them to be seen. Of course, the Heritage Classic and Winter Classics are played in similar outdoor venues without any giant numbers or logos involved, but that’s another story, I’m sure.

Overall, this year’s crop is fairly simple when it comes to Stadium Series designs, so all things considered, they’re not bad.

Let’s get into it.


The Flyers will play the role of the road team on February 17th, wearing white as they match up against the red-clad Devils. The sweater features a large Flyers logo on the chest in its usual colourway of a black “P” with wings and an orange puck in the P-hole (quiet down). Large orange numbers are on the right shoulder, free from decoration, and the Stadium Series logo is on the other.

Sleeves feature a single thick black stripe located directly above a larger orange stripe. Another large orange stripe is around the waist. On the back of the jersey, the Flyers are increasing the size of their alternate-colour nameplate, stretching it across the entire width of the player’s shoulders.

This is the third time the Flyers have played in a Stadium Series, in the past going with a black jersey and then later an orange jersey, with this new white one the Flyers Stadium Series set is now complete.


Simplified but bigger. The New Jersey Devils are wearing red up against the Flyers’ white with their usual black shoulder yoke style. Two thick black stripes on either sleeve are separated by a band of red, in between the shoulders and striping we got single-colour big black numbers.

The “NJ” of the Devils logo is placed on the front with the circle surrounding it removed and shown only in black — would make for a good alternate uniform once the “Jersey jersey” runs its course. The Stadium Series patch is on the left shoulder.


Who says the Stadium Series has to be ultra-futuristic? The New York Rangers definitely don’t agree, as they make sure there’s as much tradition as you can shove into a “future” uniform as possible. A cream/heritage white base with alternating large blue, red, blue striping (with thin cream stripes in between), large player numbers near the shoulders in that classic Rangers drop style.

Across the chest is a very Rangers-esque “NYR” across the front in the same drop style as the numbers. This feels like an actual uniform the New York Rangers would wear in the future, and I don’t think we’d be upset if they did.


Has anyone ever yawned at a Stadium Series uniform before? Let’s get through this one. It’s navy blue, it has an orange horizontal stripe across the front, Minnesota Wild-style, and the team name abbreviated to “ISLES” Carolina Hurricanes-style across the stripe in single-colour blue lettering. This stripe idea continues to the sleeves, which house the giant blue numbers. A thin single orange stripe at the cuffs, around the waist, and the collar. The Islanders’ primary logo is on the left shoulder, and the Stadium Series logo is on the right.

Keep in mind, this is Lou’s team, and he’s famously against any wild uniform designs for his clubs — especially in Stadium Series games (as you’ll see below, the Devils simply wore their throwbacks when he was in charge of the team during in their last appearance). So kudos to Lou for trying something different, even if it is rather unexciting.

Hey! Let’s look back at what once was with these four teams in past Stadium Series games:

A look back at past Stadium Series uniforms for the four teams participating in the 2024 games

Both the Flyers and Islanders liked their Stadium Series designs so much that they eventually made them alternate uniforms; the Flyers still wear their 2017 Stadium Series look to this day! So, if you like any of the 2024 designs, I suppose it’s possible they could stick around well into the future.

The 2024 Stadium Series jerseys aren’t yet available, but other bits of merchandise featuring these logos and designs for the four teams are caps, hoodies, etc. You can get those right here.

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