48 Hours in Lisbon, Itinerary

Lisbon is Portugal’s coastal capital city and one of the first stops on most people’s Portugal itinerary. We spent an unforgettable 48 hours in Lisbon, packing in as much as possible. In this post, we will take you through its best neighborhoods and top attractions, giving insider tips on where to stay and what to eat. If you have two days in the city, follow this 48 hours in Lisbon itinerary to see the top attractions and to enjoy some of its culture, food, and architecture.

Two Days in Lisbon Itinerary

When spending a couple of days in Lisbon, make sure to book a hotel with breakfast included. Usually, breakfasts at European hotels are amazing, with pastries, eggs, gourmet coffee, and tea. We stayed at the Turim Boulevard Hotel located in the heart of Lisbon on Avenida da Liberdada. We found a great deal on Booking.com to stay at this 5-star hotel that was within walking distance to the Old Town and many of Lisbon’s top attractions. Check rates and availability here.

To get around Lisbon, we used Uber. It was affordable and easy with the app. We highly recommend downloading Uber before traveling to Portugal.

A Lisbon Card allows you to enter many of Lisbon’s top attractions and skip the line. If you want to see a lot quickly, this is a great option to purchase ahead of time. So, are you ready to explore one of Europe’s most exciting cities in two days? Let’s dive in!

Day 1 – The Top Attractions

Best things to do in Lisbon Belem Tower

After breakfast, we called an Uber to take us out to the Belém neighborhood to begin our Lisbon itinerary at two of the city’s top tourist attractions.

Belém Tower

Belem Tower is one of the few monuments to survive the 1755 earthquake. It is one of the Seven Wonders of Portugal and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Located directly on the Tagus River, it is a great way to begin your Lisbon adventure. 

An Uber from the old city cost us 8€ and took about 20 minutes.

We didn’t go inside Belém Tower but admired it from the outside. The cost to enter Belém Tower is 6 Euro, and opening hours are from 10 am to 6:30 pm from May to September, with an earlier closing of 5:30 from Oct to April. You can reserve your timed entry in advance here.

Since it opens so late, getting in at 10 a.m. really cuts into the Lisbon Itinerary. We suggest going before the crowds to see this wonder before it opens. You can then continue down the Tagus River to see more attractions.

Jerónimos Monastery

Best things to do in Lisbon Jeronimos Monastery

“Just a short walk from Belém Tower is Jerónimos Monastery, It’s another UNESCO World Heritage Site that you must not miss.

Jeronimos monastery was built in the 16th century to commemorate Vasco de Gama’s voyage to India; he was the first European to reach India by sea. 

Tickets cost 12 Euro and you can purchase them online in advance.

Monument of Discoveries

Best things to do in Lisbon Padrao dos Descobrimentos

It is only fitting that the Monument of Discoveries is located nearby. Vasco Da Gama was just one of many legendary explorers from Portugal, and this impressive monument that was built on the Tagus River in the 20th century celebrates those great explorers with Prince Henry the Navigator at the front.

Pasteis de Bélem

Best things to do in Lisbon Pastel de Nata at Pasteis de Belem

Also located in the Belem Neighborhood is the birthplace of Portugal’s famous Pasteis de Nata. Pastéis de Belém has been serving its secret recipe since 1837 and offers the original version of the creamy custard tart that has become a symbol of Portuguese culinary tradition.

The history of these tarts dates back to the early 19th century when monks crafted them. When the monastery closed, the recipe was passed to the bakery, ensuring the legacy of this delicious treat.

This is an excellent place to grab a coffee and snacks before moving on. The best piece of advice we got was to go inside to sit down. The line may seem long, but the restaurant is huge and the turnover is fast. We only stood in line for about five minutes before we were seated.

Tagus River Attractions

Walking along the Tagus River is a Lisbon attraction unto itself. As we continued along the waterfront, we enjoyed the sites of the Belém neighborhood. As you continue along the waterfront, you will come across monuments and statues and there are a few museums worth stopping at.

The Museum of Contemporary Art is located near Jeronimós Monastery if you want to pop into that, and the National Coach Museum is located along your walk back towards downtown.

We continued to walk along the waterfront, enjoying the views of the Tagus River, including The Sanctuary of Christ the King – a monument that reminded us of Christ the Redeemer in Rio De Janeiro. There are plenty of things to see, and you can rent bikes or scooters to get around as well

Museum of Art, Architecture and Technology

Highlights of Staying in the Belem Neighbourhood of Lisbon

Whatever you do, don’t miss the impressive Museum of Art, Architecture and Technology. Conveniently located on the banks of the Tagus River and still in the Belém district, MAAT stands as a beacon of contemporary culture and innovation.

Inside, visitors are treated to a dynamic array of exhibitions that bridge the gap between art and technology, showcasing works that provoke thought and inspire innovation. Whether you’re an art aficionado, a technology enthusiast, or simply looking to immerse yourself in Lisbon’s cutting-edge cultural scene.

It is open from Wednesday to Monday, 11 a.m. to 7 p.m., making it a perfect addition to your Lisbon adventure.

LX Factory

Best things to do in Lisbon LX Factory

We walked all the way to the LX Factory, one of the coolest neighborhoods in Lisbon. It is a complex of old industrial buildings located under the April 25th Bridge that has been turned into an artisan community. 

There are restaurants, boutiques, art galleries, and multimedia displays. This is a great spot to grab a snack and an aperitif and simply people watch. Even the locals like to hang out at LX Factory, so you will feel like you are really immersing in the local culture.

Avenida da Liberdade

Highlights of staying in the Principe Real Neighbourhood of Lisbon

After catching an Uber back downtown, we relaxed at our hotel located on the Champs Élysées of Lisbon, the c As we mentioned, this is the area that we stayed in and we loved how close it was to downtown, but it was also quiet and chic away from the hustle and bustle.

This beautiful treelined street was inspired by the boulevards of Paris with a shaded walkway through beautiful architecture.

For high-end shopping, this is the place to go. It is one of the most expensive streets in Portugal and we got an amazing deal on booking.com at the Turim Boulevard Hotel.

Rooftop Bar for Sunset

Best Places to Stay in Lisbon Alfama Neighbourhood

Our hotel had a rooftop bar where we enjoyed the sunset. Watching the sunset from a rooftop or one of Lisbon’s Miradouros is a must. This city is beautiful. With its seven hills surrounding the historic town, it is one of the most beautiful scenes in Europe.

Right next door to the Turim Boulevard Hotel is the Tivoli Avenida Hotel Next door. Their Skybar is legendary and is an excellent place for a sunset cocktail. We stayed at the Tivoli in the Algarve, and loved the Skybar there as well. We suggest getting there early, though, as this patio fills up quickly.

The area of Avenida da Liberdade is a great place to grab dinner and enjoy the rooftop bars with gorgeous views. 

Fado Show

Best things to do in Lisbon Fado Show at Clube de Fado

One of the must-do experiences in Lisbon is to watch a Fado Show. UNESCO recognizes it as part of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity, and you can also visit the Fado Museum in Alfama. 

Fado is the soulful, haunting music genre that captures the essence of Portuguese culture and emotion. Originating in the 1820s in Lisbon, it is recognized for its deeply melancholic melodies and lyrics that often explore themes of love, loss, and longing, reflecting the Portuguese concept of “Saudade” — a profound sense of nostalgia and yearning.

Even if we couldn’t understand what they were saying, we felt the emotion seep through their voices.

We made the mistake of booking a Fado show online with GetYour Guide. While it was just a short walk from our hotel to the venue, we really should have gone to the Alfama district to experience this genre of music in the city’s oldest district.

Day 2 – Miradorous and Neighborhoods

Top things to do in Lisbon

Day two in Lisbon takes you all around the Old City to see its vibrant neighborhoods and top attractions of the Old City. After breakfast, we walked down to the Old Town to begin at the Alfama District.

Alfama District

The Alfama district is Lisbon’s oldest district and its most cultural and authentic neighborhood. It is the perfect place to start day 2 of your 48-hour stay. 

Tram 28

Where to stay in Lisbon Alfama Tram 28

Tram 28 costs 3 Euros and goes through some of Lisbon’s most iconic neighborhoods. A 24-hour pass is available, and it is free with the Lisbon Card. However, whenever we went by a stop, there was always a crowd. 

Castelo St George

You can easily spend the half a day here. Start by making your way to the top and explore Castelo St George. You can see this castle from all around the city.

 The old fortifications date back to the 2nd century BC but it underwent extensive renovations.  You can walk along its old walls and take in views of Lisbon. 

Make sure to get there early or book your tickets in advance as it gets crowded.

Belvedere Lookout

If you don’t want to tour the Castle, there is a Miradorou right beside Castelo St. George that we went to instead. It costs €5 to go up the stairs to the bell tower, but there is a glass of wine

Porto do Sol

Best things to do in Lisbon Miradouro das Portas do Sol.jpg

Sadly, there is a lot of unwanted graffiti in Lisbon, but when walking through the Aflame district, there is actually a great place with designated street art and displays that is worth visiting on your way down to Portas Do Sol.  

Tuk Tuk Tour

Best things to do in Lisbon tuk-Tuk Tour

You can hop on another historic tram to tour the city or hire a Tuk Tuk, like we did. 

It is actually a great way to see many of the top attractions in a short amount of time. If you only have 48 Hours in Lisbon, we highly recommend hiring a tuk-tuk. 

Miradouro da Senhora do Monte

One of the best views in Lisbon is the Miradouro da Senhora do Monte. This was included in our tuk tuk tour and it was worth going up for a view over the city.

Comercio Square

Things to do in Lisbon Praca Comercio

Commerce Square is Lisbon’s grand square located on the River Tagus. It is as massive as it is beautiful, with its distinctive U-shaped arrangement of yellow 19th-century buildings standing at the former Royal Palace of Ribeira. 

There is a lot happening at this square, and you can’t miss going to see it. 

Pink Street

Best things to do in Lisbon Pink Street

Pink Street, officially known as Rua Nova do Carvalho is located in the heart oof the Cais do Sodré district. Once a gritty area, Pink Street has transformed into a bustling hub for nightlife.

During the day, it attracts photographers with their smart phones to take social media photos of its pink-painted road covered with colorful umbrellas.

Open from dusk till dawn, this trendy hotspot offers an eclectic mix of musical genres and atmospheres, catering to all tastes. Whether you’re looking to dance the night away, enjoy a cocktail in a stylish bar, or simply soak in the electric atmosphere.

Time Out Market

We ended our two days in Lisbon in the Bairro Alto District to enjoy dinner and drinks in this lively area where the streets come alive with live music, bars and restaurants once the sun goes down. 

And there you have our 48 hours in Lisbon. We are heading back there soon and will share even more things to do in the city, but for now, check out our videos on Sintra, which is the most popular day trip from Lisbon and included on everyone’s Lisbon Itinerary. 

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