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This summer will be the summer of continental soccer tournaments, and Adidas is ready. After releasing new kits for six national teams competing in the 2024 Copa América, the sportswear giant followed up with kits for another bunch of countries competing in Euro 2024, which kicks off on June 14 in Germany.

As with most of the Copa América jerseys, the new Euro 2024 jerseys use Adidas’s new template, the main feature of which are tapering swoops that extend up from the bottom of the jersey to about midway up the sides. Other tapering panels appear on both the front and back of the shoulders. Swoops on the shorts are designed to flow between the two pieces of equipment.

Here are recent unveilings for Adidas teams in Euro 2024 (plus a couple others that didn’t qualify for the tournament):


Belgium’s new home kit is a deep red with an embossed pattern of diamonds, parallelograms and crowns all over. The away jersey is light blue with the same embossed pattern. With the white polo collar and the brown shorts it will be paired with, the whole away kit is a tribute to The Adventures of Tintin, which was created by Belgian cartoonist Georges Remi, under the pen name Hergé.

Courtesy Adidas


Germany’s traditional white home kit is set off in this kit cycle by a gradient of diamond shapes on the shoulders that fades from black to red to yellow, following the color scheme of the German flag. The away also has a geometric gradient, with sunburst shapes that go from purple at the bottom to magenta at the top.

Courtesy Adidas

Germany is one of only two teams among the recent batch of unveilings for which Adidas is offering a long-sleeved version of their home jersey, and the only one for which there’s a long-sleeved away kit for sale. On the long-sleeved home kit, the gradient from the shoulders fades back in toward the cuffs.

Courtesy Adidas


Hungary is keeping things simple with their new kits. Both the home and away kits have the Hungarian coat of arms on the left chest and the national football federation logo on the right chest, pushing the Adidas logo to the middle. The home kit is solid red with white accents on the top and green side swoops. The away kit is white with red Adidas shoulder stripes, green tapering panels at the shoulders, and side swoops that are split between red and green with a narrow white stripe in between.

Courtesy Adidas

🇮🇹 ITALY 🇮🇹

Italy have a winning formula with their traditional blue home kits, so they’re not straying far from that, even in a non-World Cup cycle. The front and back are covered in narrow embossed vertical line segments. The Adidas shoulder stripes are colored green, white and red to mimic the Italian flag. The away kit takes further inspiration from the flag, with green accents on one side and red accents on the other side of the white base.

Courtesy Adidas

Adidas are also offering a long-sleeved version of Italy’s home kit for purchase. The tri-colored stripes break briefly to allow for sleeve patches, but then reappear and continue down almost to the sleeve cuff.


While Northern Ireland failed to qualify for Euro 2024, they were still included in the recent Adidas unveilings. The dark green stripes on the green shirt contain a soundwave pattern that pays tribute to the chants Northern Ireland fans sing at their games. The soundwave pattern also appears on the away kit, albeit much fainter, crossing under the national team crest.

Courtesy Adidas


Scotland also didn’t qualify for Euro 2024, but they too were included in the recent Adidas unveilings. The home kit is navy blue with tonal line segments of varying widths and angles creating a patchwork effect on the front, back and sleeves. The away kit is white with purple accents, including a purple patchwork pattern on a panel that covers the lower back and runs up the sides.

Courtesy Adidas

🇪🇸 SPAIN 🇪🇸

Spain’s new home kit keeps their traditional red color, but incorporates a subtle wave pattern with yellow tones that complement other yellow accents like the side swoops and Adidas shoulder stripes. The away kit is pale yellow with red side swoops, white shoulder stripes and a light blue pattern on the back/side panel.

Courtesy Adidas

🇸🇪 SWEDEN 🇸🇪

Both Sweden’s new home and away kits feature an embossed pattern of concentric circles radiating out from underneath the national team crest on the left chest. The home kit is yellow with navy blue and light blue accents, while the away kit is navy blue with pink accents and “inspired by the magical sky of a Midsummer’s Night.”

Courtesy Adidas


The new Welsh home kit is solid red with green Adidas shoulder stripes and collar trim. The side swoops have a red tapering stripe outlined in white on a green background. The away kit is pale yellow with green shoulder stripes and side swoops, and a pattern of jagged green and red shapes runs through the side panels.

Courtesy Adidas

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