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The Double-A Akron RubberDucks have already introduced one food-based alternate identity this month, and now they’ve added another. Just weeks after unveiling the Barberton Fried Chicken and Hot Rice, the RubberDucks give us the Akron White French.

The nickname is a tribute to a creamy, garlicky version of French salad dressing that Akron claims as its own. Per the team, the specific origin of the dressing is unknown—it could be family-owned Papa Joe’s restaurant or the old Stouffer’s restaurant at the Summit Mall—but Akronites agree you don’t often find this dressing outside of northeast Ohio.

The logo features a white onion, anthropomorphized to look like the baguette-wielding maître d at a French restaurant—complete with a red beret, skinny mustache, and come-hither eyebrows.

The White French will take the field July 19.

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