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A lower-league amateur football club in Scotland was in “shock” this week when they saw what looked a lot like their club badge emblazoned on the base of a launch tower at SpaceX’s spaceport in Texas.

A photo of the launch tower surfaced on Twitter — which, like SpaceX, is owned by billionaire Elon Musk — on Tuesday, September 12. It was almost immediately flooded with responses pointing out its striking similarity to the crest of Haddington Town FC, a club based in East Lothian, Scotland, that plays in the Lothian and Edinburgh Amateur Football Association.

The logo on the SpaceX launch tower on the left, and the Haddington Town FC crest on the right. (Courtesy The Herald)

“You can imagine my shock yesterday morning when I logged in to X and there was 20 notifications from Americans asking why SpaceX had taken our logo,” Ryan Leishman, Haddington Town’s social media manager, told The Herald. “I’ve no idea who they were and no idea how they found our logo. Not a clue. It was a weird thing to wake up to yesterday. I never expected something like this to happen.”

“People are messaging us to say that they didn’t think it was actually our logo and I said, ‘I’m telling you that is the same goat in the circle’. I don’t know what to say, I can’t speak for who made the logo or put it on our badge but it’s the same goat.

“The logo is on our jerseys. I done a bit of looking back and it’s been our logo since we started the club. I don’t know who designed the logo because it was a guy who was at the club way before I got here. … We’ve also had messages from people who used to play for the club or were part of the club asking what on Earth has happened.”

Courtesy The Herald

Once the shock wore off, though, the club was able to have some fun with the situation. First, they tweeted asking Musk to fund a new set of track suits for the players. A couple of days later, they jokingly posted that Musk had bought the club.

Musk had not yet replied to any of Haddington Town’s tweets as of publication.

Haddington Town FC’s next game is on Saturday, September 24, against Broomhall FC. The club has invited Musk to attend — and maybe even put in some minutes on the pitch if he’s so inclined.

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