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If a screencap from the new MLB The Show 24 video game is any indicator, the Los Angeles Angels will introduce a new throwback uniform as an alternate option for this 2024 season. This confirms an earlier report that circulated back in January.

The screencap shows the new throwback option as an “Alternate 2” uniform for the Los Angeles Angels on their pre-game uniform select screen. Typically, if an old uniform was offered as a throwback “Turn Back the Clock” option in this game, it would display it as “1972 HOME” or something similar. The absence of the year and the fact that it’s referred to specifically as “ALTERNATE 2” strongly suggests this is a current uniform for the 2024 season.

Twitter user @LambeauLiving noticed the uniform listed on MLB The Show 24

While the earlier reports showed this as a pullover uniform, MLB The Show 24 presents it as a full button-up jersey. This may not be the case, however, as MLB: The Show video games always display jerseys as button-ups regardless of their real-life button status.

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An additional pair of screenshots below show the State of California patch on the sleeve and the style of the player’s name and number — also note the Angels’ new MLB logo colourway of red-white-blue (the blue and red were swapped around for ’24) is on display.

A ballcap available for sale at the MLB official online shop also shows the throwback-style cap seen in the above screencaps; this cap is designated as an Alternate On-Field cap rather than any reference being made that it’s a part of MLB’s throwback line of “Cooperstown Collection” caps. Again, just another suggestion that this is a current cap to be worn in 2024.

The Angels started wearing this uniform style when they were still known as the California Angels in 1973 (though the cap debuted one season earlier). This particular design was worn until the end of the 1985 season when the club swapped out the State of California sleeve patch with their primary logo showing the halo-A on a baseball. The pullover was converted to a button-up jersey (with the same design) in 1989 and continued to be worn until 1993, when the Angels opted for a total makeover with a throwback to their look from the 1960s.

There’s no word on when the Angels will unveil the new look, but the club does have a Throwback Week from July 25 to August 1 listed on its promotional schedule.

The Angels have thrown back to this look several times in recent years. Most recently, they wore the button-up version of this uniform for two games in July 2023. They last wore the pullover version from August 16-17, 2019.

Reggie Jackson wearing this uniform as a member of the California Angels in the 1980s

This isn’t the only change the Los Angeles Angels are making to their uniforms in 2024; the club also played around with the colours and shading on their jersey numbers and the trim around their sleeves and collars. In our post here, there is much more information on the changes in the Angels uniform and the rest of what’s new in baseball uniforms for 2024.

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