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According to team president Sashi Brown, the Baltimore Ravens are “exploring” potential changes to their alternate uniforms but plan to keep their current home and road looks intact.

“We have some stuff that’s coming, but if I said too much, my team would shoot me before I got back to the building,” Brown told reporters at the NFL’s annual spring meetings on March 25. “We feel like we have really classic jerseys, and I think the team did a great job when we’ve had some minor modifications.

“We’re really cautious about making changes to something that we think works really well. But the optionality that you see, particularly in other leagues with different types of jerseys being tried, we’re exploring some things with some of the alternative jerseys.”

The Ravens’ overall look has remained the same since the franchise relocated from Cleveland and rebranded ahead of the 1996 season, though there have been a handful of minor changes along the way.

Baltimore Ravens Old Logo Suit Both

That most notably includes updating the primary logo on their helmets in 1999 after an amateur artist sued the franchise for copyright infringement after they used his design without credit.

Baltimore also slightly altered its number font in 1997, replaced the flying raven on its sleeves with its secondary shield logo in 2000 and saw adjustments to its collar design in 2012 and 2013 after Nike initially used a truncated design. 

As for alternate uniforms, the Ravens added an all-black look to complement its purple home and white road jerseys in 2004, wore gold pants for one game in 2015 and debuted their all-purple Color Rush set – which features gold numbers – in 2016.

The process for introducing any uniform changes takes roughly two years, no matter if it’s a complete overhaul or a minor update. And nothing has been finalized for the Ravens just yet, so don’t expect to see new on the field before 2026.

“As for now, we’re really happy with the way our jerseys stand out,” Brown said.

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