Biloxi Shuckers honor seagulls with Beach Chickens identity – SportsLogos.Net News

Just a few weeks after unveiling their first-ever alternate identity, the Double-A Biloxi Shuckers unveiled a second alternate for the 2024 season. The team will play as the Biloxi Beach Chickens, a wink and a nod to the seagulls that frequent the town’s beaches. (Of course, Beach Chickens is not a formally recognized term for a bird, but then again, bird enthusiasts will tell you neither is seagull.)

The logo, created by Brandiose, features a seagull on spring break, wearing a Hawaiian-style shirt, flip flops, and a straw hat, while carrying an orange-colored umbrella drink.

“The Beach Chickens emblem features bright colors and dynamic imagery, evoking the laid-back, carefree atmosphere of a day at the beach,” said Brandiose’s Jason Klein on the team’s website. “It’s a unique, lighthearted take on our coastal life, reflecting the joy and playfulness of the community.”

The Beach Chickens will take to the field May 25, June 25, August 3, and August 17.

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