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The Boston Bruins will wear a special set of three new uniforms during the upcoming 2023-24 season in celebration of their centennial season in the NHL; the three new uniforms were revealed via the Adidas Shop about two hours before the club was set to unveil them officially.

It’s a new set of home, road, and alternate uniforms for the first U.S.-based NHL club that borrows elements from previous Bruins uniforms over the years.

Here they are:

These uniforms are intended to be worn for one season only. However, the Bruins may elect to keep them around following the 2023-24 season should they decide to do so.

The home jersey is black with a lighter-than-usual gold applied throughout, the crest on the centre of the chest is the club’s slightly altered centennial style “Hub” or “Spoked-B” logo, a combination of the team’s primary logo of the 1980s and the current logo of the 2020s.

Sleeve striping consists of five alternating gold and white bars with black separating each of the elements; as the uniforms have not yet been officially released, there is no explanation for the design choices, but this could be a toned-down nod to the Bruins sleeve stripes of the 1920s or perhaps even the oddball sock striping they wore up until 1967. The collar is plain black, and the waist striping is a simple three-stripe gold/white/gold combo.

For road games, the Bruins will wear a white version of this same sweater with the colours reversed on the crest on the chest. The sleeve striping is the same gold/black/white style as is the waist striping. The white collar, just like the home sweater, makes it blend in with the rest of the design.

For a select handful of games and games against Original 6 opponents, the Bruins will wear a throwback-style alternate (or third) uniform.

This sweater is cream with yellow shoulders and black stripes and a yellow collar with a design featuring the Bruins past Stanley Cup championships within the back collar. The yellow on this particular jersey is more in line with the Bruins usual shade of yellow.

Striping on the sleeves consists of two thick yellow bands with thinner black within and a slice of white in the middle — this pattern is duplicated around the waist, with black cuffs at the end of each sleeve.

The chest crest is a clever modernization of the team’s first-ever “spoked B” logo. Back in 1948, the Bruins debuted this style by way of a special 25th anniversary jersey logo (sound familiar?); in that design, the years “24” and “49” were placed on either side of the scripted-style “B.” Here in 2023-24, this has been updated to incorporate the special centennial-crest with the year changed to “19” and “24”, the founding season of the Bruins.

These three sweaters will contain a Boston Bruins Centennial Season patch on the right shoulder.

The Boston Bruins are set to unveil this set officially a little later in the day; if any new photos or information comes from that unveiling, I will add it to this post.

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