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The owners of USL League One expansion franchise Brooklyn FC are looking to build a bridge with their supporters with their new set of logos.

The crest and secondary logos were unveiled on Thursday, November 9 — more than a year ahead of their on-field debut in 2025. They are inspired by the “shapes, shades and textures found in Brooklyn’s public infrastructure and throughout the borough’s 77 neighborhoods, and leans heavily on a unique spirit and attitude shared among the community,” according to the USL League One website.

The primary crest is a gothic-inspired B with the arched stone towers of the Brooklyn Bridge making up parts of the letterform. It’s rendered in dark brown and limestone — the former paying homage to “the brownstone brick that binds the borough” and the latter a nod to the bridge itself.

“Brooklyn is the world’s borough, at the forefront of culture and arts. Brooklyn is, unapologetically, Brooklyn. Encompassing that into a logo felt less about trying to mirror a traditional badge and more about representing our iconic borough with something bold and forward,” designer Chris Payne said on the USL League One website.

Two wordmarks were also unveiled on Thursday. The first features “BROOKLYN FC” spelled out in a font reminiscent of hand-painted signs from the late 19th and early 20th centuries. “FC” is slightly smaller and underlined.

The second wordmark features “BKFC” spelled out in a narrow block font.

The club identity was developed with fan input representing different demographics throughout Brooklyn — as well as an exploration of the borough’s rich sporting history — identifying themes of inclusion, honesty, boldness and fearlessness.

“No city captures the essence of the multiculturalism, inclusivity and passion of the world’s most beautiful game and is poised to represent American soccer on a global stage like Brooklyn. We believe Brooklyn Football Club will be transformational for US soccer, and we couldn’t be more excited to be offering a world-class soccer experience to the hundreds of millions of people who love Brooklyn around the world,” said Matt Rizzetta, founder of North Sixth Group, which owns Brooklyn FC along with full or partial stakes in two Italian clubs: Ascoli Calcio in Serie B and Campobasso FC in Serie D.

While Brooklyn FC now has logos and a date to begin play in USL League One, they still haven’t announced what stadium they’ll be playing in.

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