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The Buffalo Sabres throwback black and red “Goathead” style uniforms will be very prominent in the upcoming 2023-24 NHL season.

This week, the Sabres announced their once-hated, suddenly-loved uniforms would be worn for a total of fifteen home games this season — which works out to over one-third of their entire home schedule.

The Sabres wore this set a dozen times last season, their first after re-introducing the look, netting a very impressive 10-1-1 record over that span.

Here’s the full schedule of Buffalo Sabres black throwback third uniform games in 2023-24:

October 21, 2023 vs New York Islanders
October 29, 2023 vs Colorado Avalanche
November 3, 2023 vs Philadelphia Flyers
December 9, 2023 vs Montreal Canadiens
December 19, 2023 vs Columbus Blue Jackets
December 27, 2023 vs Boston Bruins
January 11, 2024 vs Ottawa Senators
January 17, 2024 vs Chicago Blackhawks
February 6, 2024 vs Dallas Stars
February 13, 2024 vs Los Angeles Kings
March 2, 2024 vs Vegas Golden Knights
March 3, 2024 vs Winnipeg Jets
March 12, 2024 vs Detroit Red Wings
March 30, 2024 vs Toronto Maple Leafs
April 2, 2024 vs Washington Capitals

If the Sabres follow a typical uniform schedule for the rest of their games, their uniform breakdown will work out to 41 games in the road whites, 26 in the home blue and golds, and 15 in their 90s black and red.

Look, I made a chart:

All that Excel training finally coming in handy.

The Sabres first introduced their black and red “Goathead” set at an open practice event held near the end of the 1995-96 season — they made their in-game début in the Fall of 1996, replacing the blue and gold set which, at the time, was the only design the franchise had worn.

Following a decade of use, including a trip to the 1999 Stanley Cup Final, the Sabres went back to blue and gold when they introduced the infamous “Buffaslug” set in 2006. The Sabres returned to a design close to their original-style logo (with silver and a much darker shade of blue) full-time in 2010 and returned to their more traditional royal blue and gold colour scheme in 2020.


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