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The Chicago Bulls on Friday unveiled a series of player-designed jerseys that will be given to fans who attend select home games throughout the season, beginning with the Dec. 20 matchup against the Los Angeles Lakers.

As is the case with most promotional items, the jerseys are sponsored by various companies and feature an advertisement on the jock tag. That includes NBC Sports Chicago, Horizon Therapeutics, AT&T, Corona, Starry, Sixt and United Airlines.

Zach LaVine – Dec. 20, Los Angeles Lakers

LaVine’s jersey pays tribute to his nickname, “Flight 8,” with clouds at the base and planes on the side panels. It has also has blue and gold accents as a nod to his alma mater, UCLA. 

There are coordinates on the back of the jersey, as well, which note the latitude and longitude of the SeaTac and O’Hare airports, connecting his hometown of Seattle to Chicago.

Patrick Williams – Dec. 23, Cleveland Cavaliers

Williams’ jersey is also inspired by his nickname, “The Paw,” with scratch marks on each side of the jersey that transition from gold to garnet as a nod to his time at Florida State.

The four marks on each side signify his fourth season in the league and his high school number, while the rose corsage pays tribute to the flower shop owned by his mother.

DeMar DeRozan – Dec. 30, Philadelphia 76ers

The old English wordmark and the sublimated map on back of DeRozan’s jersey pay homage to his hometown of Compton, California, with a blue dot marking the DeRozan Gymnasium in Lueders Park.

The map on the front of the jersey, meanwhile, drops a pin on the location of United Center, the Bulls’ arena. The stripes on the side match DeRozan’s uniform at USC, while the light blue is pulled from his high school.

Alex Caruso – Jan. 30, Toronto Raptors

Caruso’s jerseys matches his high school and college color schemes, while the state of Texas with a star on College Station, the location of Texas A&M, is sublimated on the front.

There are chains, which pay homage to Caruso’s “lockdown defensive style,” as well as patches noting his areer accomplishments on the contrasting side panels.

Nikola Vučević – Feb. 3, Sacramento Kings

Vučević’s alma mater, USC, and the national flag of his home country of Montenegro were the key pieces of inspiration for his jersey, with a red and yellow color scheme throughout.

The cat of arms of Montenegro, which also appears on the flag, can be seen on the left shoulder, while the initials of his children are included in the shields on the back of the jersey.

Ayo Dosunmu – March 1, Milwaukee Bucks

Dosunmu played collegially at Illinois, which inspired his jersey’s orange and blue color scheme. The four stars on the side panels are a nod to the flag of Chicago.

The pinstripes pay tribute to the Chicago White Sox, Dosunmu’s favorite baseball team, while the back of the jersey honors his childhood friend, Darius “The Jet” Brown.

Coby White – March 11, Dallas Mavericks

White’s jersey is built around his nickname, “Sub Zero,” with a black-to-blue gradient base and icicles hanging his number. The light blue and argyle on the side panels are also a nod to his alma mater, North Carolina.

The green ribbon on the left shoulder speaks to White’s commitment to increasing mental health awareness, while the “919 The Boro” on the lower back of the jersey is a tribute to his hometown of Goldsboro, North Carolina.

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