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Photos courtesy of @dallascowboys on Twitter.

For the last 42 seasons, the Dallas Cowboys have worn two different pairs of pants with their “home” and “road” uniforms.

The “home” white jerseys with royal blue numbers have been matched with silver pants featuring a blue or greenish tone, depending on the years, as well as a royal blue and white striping pattern down the sides.

The navy blue “road” jerseys, meanwhile, have been worn almost exclusively with silver pants that better match the the color of their helmets and feature navy blue and white stripes down the sides. 

That appears to have changed for the 2023 season, however, as Dallas’ official logo sheet – which can be found on the NFL Communications website – now shows royal blue stripes on the silver pants.

Of course, this could easily be an error, as we’ve only seen the Cowboys in their bluish-silver pants through three preseason games and one regular-season game. 

But if it is accurate, this move would allow Dallas to wear silver pants when forced to wear white jerseys on the road while saving the bluish-silver pants for the home fans. 

It also likely indicates we’ll only see the Cowboys wear their white pants with navy blue and silver stripes – which were introduced as part of their Color Rush uniform in 2015 – when they break out their navy blue jerseys.

As mentioned, the Cowboys wore their bluish-silver pants in the season-opening victory at the New York Giants on Sunday evening, and they won’t be on the road again until Sept. 24 at the Arizona Cardinals.

While they could debut that afternoon, we’re guessing the new pants – if they actually exist – won’t make an appearance until Oct. 8, when the Cowboys travel to San Francisco to take on the 49ers on Sunday Night Football.

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