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Following a D-lightful run to capture the 2023 National League pennant, the Arizona Diamondbacks are ready to step ever further forward in 2024 with an all-new uniform set and colour-appropriate logo update, unveiled this morning by the club via a press release.

The significant change for 2024 sees the total elimination of the colour sand across their regular home, road, and alternate uniforms as well as their primary logo in exchange for a lot more teal – we got a little taste of this change one year early when the D-backs did this to their home uniform entering 2023. The sandy colour will remain prominently featured in the club’s City Connect “Serpientes” uniform.

“The 2024 Arizona Diamondbacks uniforms feature the return of retro elements in a bold new fashion with a nod towards tradition,” said Derrick Hall, President, CEO & General Partner, Arizona Diamondbacks in the press release. “As always, they were designed with feedback from our avid fan base, via surveys and focus groups, whose love for the Teal combined with Sedona Red makes it uniquely authentic to the Grand Canyon State.”

Sand had been an essential player in the Diamondbacks’ overall look since they switched away from their original purple and teal colours following the 2006 season. A decade later, the D-backs returned the teal as a brighter shade, then used it as a trim on their alternate home and road set. It proved popular, and now, the tables have turned, as the turquoise is replacing the sand. It’s poetic, in a way.

“We’ve seen some of the recent trends in baseball is to go with a throwback,” said D-backs EVP Cullen Maxey in a phone call with SportsLogos.Net. “After talking to our fan base and focus groups, to see what *their* appetite was for going in that direction, we learned that — while the fans have loved some of the traditional looks, they’d like a modern twist. So, it’s not quite what you would call a traditional throwback, but with some of the features of a throwback. That idea got us excited, we started working on this a couple of years ago and today we see the results of that.”

Let’s run through the new uniforms one by one:

At home, the Diamondbacks will wear go back to 1998 with an off-white/cream jersey. The new top is paired with a black cap in photos, but there’s a red option to go with this as well. On the front of the new Diamondbacks home jersey is the club’s primary logo in Sedona red and trimmed in teal on the upper left side. Black “baseball piping” runs down the front of the jersey on either side of the buttons and around the collar. The sleeves will feature a single black stripe near the cuff with the AVNET advertisement on one sleeve and the snake head logo on the other.

On the front crown of the black cap is the D-backs primary “A” logo in red and teal, the visor and button are also black. The red cap, which can also be worn with this uniform, also includes the “A” logo in red and teal on the front with a black visor.

Arizona thankfully sticks with the traditional shade of grey for road games — “ARIZONA” is arched across the front of the jersey in red with black and teal trim, placed upon that same black piping as we saw on the home set. Up top, the cap is black with a red visor and the return of an old favourite — the snake “D” logo, in red and teal. Sleeve details are the same as the home set.

There are, of course, a couple of alternate uniforms in the mix here, first a black jersey with the same black cap as what is worn with the home uniform. The D-backs primary “A” logo in the upper left with teal piping down either side of the buttons and on each sleeve.

The second alternate is an interesting new red one with the full “DIAMONDBACKS” wordmark across the chest – the first time the club has had a non-throwback uniform with the full team name featured on it since the 2000 season. This wordmark is black with teal trim with the player’s number below it to the left in teal with black trim. No piping down the front of this one, though there are teal and black stripes around the collar and on each sleeve. The same sleeve patches are worn on this jersey as are worn on the other three. A red version of their road cap is available to be worn with this one, in addition to the black road cap.

Both the black and red alternate jerseys can be worn at home with off-white pants or on the road with grey pants.

The switch to a cohesive colour scheme across all the Diamondbacks uniforms and logos was intentional, following a run of several seasons during which the team essentially wore two different colour schemes on a regular basis — sometimes the team would be red/black/sand and others red/black/teal (not to mention the throwback purple and teals).

“We had a couple of different colour treatments for our primary logo,” Maxey explained. “A lot of times you would see it, and you saw this in the Postseason, [during the press conferences] we would have our manager wearing a logo that’s different from the one on the backdrop and everything else. Now we have one consistent look, that represents the D-backs and that was an important piece of making that decision.”

This unveiling is also our first look at a Major League Baseball team in the new Nike Vapor Premier “chassis”

The new set will be the fourth uniform era for the Diamondbacks throughout their nearly 30-season run. Their original purple and teal uniforms were worn from their inaugural 1998 season through their 2001 World Series Championship until 2006. The club switched to a red, black, and sand colour scheme for 2007 and continued to the end of 2015 before adopting the logos they had worn up until this past season. In this most recent era, the most significant shift was dropping out the dark grey (almost black) worn on the road sets for traditional light grey in 2020.

As mentioned earlier, this will be the first time since the club’s original uniform set in which a jersey will feature the full “Diamondbacks” name across the front, replacing the abbreviated “D-backs” which the club had worn on at least on jersey since the 2007 season.

“We looked at San Francisco and said ‘if they can pull it off, let’s see what it looks like for us,’ so we tried to do it,” Maxey recalled. “We think it looks great!”

The new Arizona Diamondbacks jerseys are available in person at the Chase Field team shop in limited supply, due to supply issues they are not yet available to purchase online.

Fans will see the new Arizona Diamondbacks uniforms in action when they take the field for their 2024 season opener at home against the Colorado Rockies on Thursday, March 28. We’ll get our first look at the new road set a week later when they head to Atlanta to play the Braves on April 5.

Note, this story will be updated with more photos and graphics throughout the day

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