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We accept payment on easypaisa account, direct bank deposit and via payoneer account. 

Yes of course. Hafiz Law Chamber has qualified legal attorneys, experts in different area of land of the land. 

Don’t worry about your case information. Our legal attorneys remains in touch with our respective clients. 

Legal custody refers to the legal right and responsibility of a parent or guardian to make important decisions on behalf of a minor child. These decisions typically pertain to the child’s upbringing, well-being, and major life choices. Legal custody grants the parent or guardian the authority to make decisions related to the child’s education, healthcare, religious upbringing, and other significant matters.

Qualified Legal Attorneys

Hafiz Law Chamber has qualified legal attorneys, who are experts in their respective fields of different sectors.

Over 15 Years of Experience

Having over 15 years of experience in the land of land, rendering all kinds of legal services including legal drafting.

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Hafiz Law Chamber has been awarded with different certificates and awards.

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