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The collegiate summer level Northwoods League team in Green Bay, Wisconsin, has been called the Green Bay Rockers since 2021. In 2018, just three years before they adopted their current name, the franchise was called the Green Bay Bullfrogs and they were considering options for a new name. The options included the short-lived name they would settle on, the Green Bay Booyah, and four runners-up: Cheese Curds, Tailgaters, Wurst, Old Fashioneds, and Supper Clubbers.

The name Supper Clubbers also showed up as a finalist in a name-the-team contest for another Wisconsin team. When the Beloit Snappers rebranded as the Beloit Sky Carp in 2021, Supper Clubbers was one of five final options.

Despite being rejected twice by two separate teams, the Supper Clubbers will see the light of day for three Green Bay Rockers night games in 2024.

The temporary nickname is an homage to a Wisconsin tradition, nostalgic food halls where locals enjoy chicken, fish, salad bars, beer, old fashioneds, and other comfort food. The Rockers’ temporary brand is meant to evoke the distinctive décor of Friday night at a supper club.

“The neon glow of the Supper Clubbers wordmark is intended to give off that warm, welcoming glow of the open sign at your favorite Supper Club”, said Alex Dozek, the graphic designer who created the Supper Clubbers jerseys brand, quoted on the team’s website. “Since we are wearing the jerseys on Fridays, you have to have the fish fry and old fashioned. Those are represented by the fish on our game hats, and the state of Wisconsin on the sleeve of the jersey in the style of a glass with the orange and cherry on a pick.”

The team will wear the uniforms June 7, June 21, and July 26.

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