Harrisburg Senators embrace island life with City Island Luau – SportsLogos.Net News

The Double-A Harrisburg Senators play in FNB Field, located on the one-mile-long City Island, in the middle of central Pennsylvania’s Susquehanna River. The team announced they will celebrate island life with specialty Hawaii-themed jerseys and a temporary rebrand this summer.

The announcement came with a series of logos featuring aspects of Hawaii’s nature and culture. One logo features a hibiscus, the state flower, with the pistil replaced by the Senators logo.

Another logo features a leaf from a monstera plant holding a baseball. Monstera leaves can grow as wide as 18 inches and the plants, common on the Hawaiian islands, can be roughly 15 feet tall.

Yet another logo features a Native Hawaiian tiki totem, traditionally considered sacred spiritual figures who ward off evil, which the Senators have altered to resemble their mascot Rascal.

The Senators will take on the Akron RubberDucks Saturday, August 3, on Luau Night.

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