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The 1990s witnessed several defining moments, from technological advancements to memorable fashion choices. The Starter Pullover jacket was a standout item from this era, becoming an emblematic piece for many of my fellow sports enthusiasts.

Homage, a brand revered for its nuanced approach to retro-inspired sports fashion, has revived the iconic Starter Pullover NFL jacket, blending ’90s nostalgia with modern design elements.

Get Yours Today: The Homage x Starter retro pullover NFL jackets are now available for purchase.

The collection offers an intriguing combination. While some jackets hearken back to classic logos and colours, others incorporate modern designs on the retro jacket style, giving us a glimpse of the “what if” these logos existed thirty years ago.

Available for all 32 current NFL teams and paying homage to the bygone Houston Oilers, fans have a total of 33 designs to choose from. Priced at $175 US, these jackets marry vintage charm with contemporary style.

Today’s reintroduction follows a highly successful initial launch in the fall of 2022. Speaking about the jacket’s resurgence, a representative from Homage remarked, “These pieces truly encapsulate ’90s nostalgia, echoing the jackets that many of us grew up admiring. Though limited in stock, our initial introduction in 2022 was met with overwhelming enthusiasm. Recognizing the profound demand, we’ve bolstered our inventory for this year’s release. Nonetheless, given the immense popularity, we anticipate a rapid sellout, especially with the festive season on the horizon.”

Key features like the kangaroo pocket and the distinctive Starter-logo zipper have been meticulously preserved. The jacket’s prominence in the 1990s was further highlighted by its adoption by notable figures, including actors Eddie Murphy and Brooke Shields and musician DJ Jazzy Jeff.

Even with the increased inventory this year, those keen on acquiring a piece of this nostalgia-infused collection should act promptly; in my experience, the more popular teams tend to go very quickly.

In the ever-evolving world of fashion, some items emerge as timeless icons. Through Homage’s vision, the Starter Pullover NFL jacket epitomizes this sentiment, serving as a bridge between cherished memories and contemporary flair.

Get Yours Today: The Homage x Starter retro pullover NFL jackets are now available for purchase.

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