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After just recently announcing a new naming rights deal with McDonald’s, France’s top domestic soccer league is launching a new logo to go with their new sponsor next season.

The Ligue de Football Professionnel (LFP), which oversees professional soccer in France, unveiled the new logo for Ligue 1 on Wednesday, March 27. It will go into full use in stadiums, broadcasts and digital applications on August 16 — in time for the 2024-25 Ligue 1 season.

The logo features an L inside an italicized number 1. The top of the L is cut at an angle that matches that of the top of the 1. “LIGUE 1” is spelled out underneath in a new custom typeface.

LFP Media is proud to unveil today the new, more modern and iconic symbol of Ligue 1. This sign asserts its singularity by highlighting the 1 associated with the L. It is played in counterform with the L in the 1. “L1” is a term widely used by our fans. Our new logo thus presents two levels of reading and draws a strong and simple label, a unifying emblem.

This symbol is part of a new brand identity, very current and modular, so that everyone, clubs and fans alike, can make it their own. All of the brand’s visibility supports will thus be renewed, with a new proprietary typography, a new color palette and a new graphic system. All these elements will be presented later, during the next offseason.

LPF news release (translated to English by Google)

“This is a new step in the plan to improve our competitions. For several months, we have been working on the rebranding of our championships. We have built a new brand platform that aims to make Ligue 1 a more iconic brand. This new logo and the accompanying visual identity constitute a further step in this ambition which will be visible to all fans from next season,” said LFP president Vincent Labrune in a news release. “I would like to congratulate the Leroy Tremblot agency which has signed this new identity at the end of a rich collaboration with the LFP Média teams.”

The LFP plans to release a new logo for Ligue 2, the tier of the French football pyramid below Ligue 1, in mid-April. “It will also carry this ambition of modernizing and iconizing its championship,” the news release says.

The 2024-25 Ligue 1 season will kick off on the weekend of August 16, though a detailed schedule hasn’t yet been released. In the current season, Paris Saint-Germain is in first place, 12 points clear of Stade Brestois 29, after 26 of 34 matches.

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