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The Milwaukee Brewers today announced they’ll be the next MLB team to add an advertisement to their uniforms.

Starting with tonight’s game against Washington, the Brewers will wear the logo of Northwestern Mutual on the jersey sleeve of each player’s primary camera-facing arm. Northwestern Mutual is a financial services company headquartered in Milwaukee.

The patch, re-coloured to match the Brewers shade of navy blue, features “Northwestern Mutual” stacked in serifed lettering next to the company’s logo. The patch is a rounded rectangle, it will be white with blue lettering on the Brewers’ navy blue uniform and the reverse – navy blue with white lettering on the white, cream, and grey jerseys.

“It’s tasteful. It’s not dominating like you see in English football, where the sponsor name is more prominent than the team name,” Brewers president of business operations Rick Schlesinger told “It’s not distracting, but it’s impactful.”

“One of the reasons we spent so much time with them on the design of this patch is that we recognize that the baseball jersey is sort of hallowed ground. I’m sure that when the Yankees put numbers on the uniforms in 1929 that there were purists who said, ‘Why are they defacing the great uniform with numbers?’ And then with names, the same thing. But things evolve.”

The Brewers are the 15th Big League team to add an advertisement to their jersey, this means that exactly half of all MLB teams are currently wearing uniform ads.

While the finer details of the Brewers’ deal with Northwestern Mutual were not revealed, it was made known that this is a multi-season deal that will go beyond the end of the 2023 season.

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