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Here’s a little good news as we get set for the long weekend — the Minnesota Wild are bringing back their green and gold Reverse Retro uniforms this season.

According to a series of photos courtesy of “X” user @original_jrzman showing a set of jerseys out for sale at the Hockey Hall of Fame shop in Toronto, the Wild will be rocking the old Minnesota North Stars-inspired set as an alternate uniform option in 2023-24.

The jersey design is identical to what the team wore on occasion last year with a couple of small exceptions. Just like 2022-23, it’s a green base with white shoulders trimmed in gold and the Minnesota Wild logo on the chest re-coloured to match the North Stars style. New for this season is the addition of the club’s “State of Hockey” logo as a patch on the right shoulder, and the swapping out of the retro orange/black NHL shield for the modern version, the Reverse Retro branding within the inside back collar has also been removed.

Minnesota wore a similar design during the first year of the Reverse Retro program in 2021, just with the colours flipped; this gives the Wild a ready-to-go road white option should the team design to go to the green and gold full-time someday.

While we know what the jerseys will look like, we don’t know if the Wild will wear the same breezers or socks or the same name and number style as they did last year.

The Minnesota Wild have yet to officially announce the return of the green and gold as their alternate uniform in 2023-24, so I suppose this counts as a leak. Minnesota would be the second team to adopt a Reverse Retro design as a full-time uniform, following the Calgary Flames bringing back their “Blasty” design as a third last October.

Special thanks again to @original_jrzman for capturing and sending these pics over!


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