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Minor League Baseball has a new league logo… well, new for them, at least.

Unveiled this evening, the new MiLB logo features the silhouette from the long-used Major League Baseball logo, a step or two closer to the pitcher in the batter’s box, with a new double blue colourway and four stars placed diagonally. The actual baseball from MLB’s version of the logo has been removed.

The use of the MLB logo here represents “the lasting connection between MiLB and MLB as part of the new ‘MLB Player Development’ league structure,” said Minor League Baseball in their release.

“The relationship between Minor League Baseball and Major League Baseball has never been stronger, and this new brand identity is a testament to that strength,” Major League Baseball’s Executive Vice President, Baseball Operations Morgan Sword said in the release. “MiLB, its players, and its fans play a critical role in our efforts to grow baseball’s popularity around the globe, and we are thrilled to introduce a new logo signifying that opportunity.”

On the right side of the logo are four stars; this is the lone carry-over from previous Minor League Baseball logos – the four stars represent the four levels of Minor League ball from Rookie-A up to Triple-A. While the four stars remain, how they’re positioned has changed, now laid out in a diagonal line rather than arched around the batter.

Minor League Baseball logo history

In a social media post from Minor League Baseball, they state that the “duo-tone blue colour scheme [is] rooted in baseball’s heritage,” explaining that the “lighter hue represents bright futures of players on their journey,” while the “darker blue helps the stars shine by increasing their contrast.”

“This is merely one component of a broader brand marketing effort to elevate awareness of the incredible fan experience within each of our 120 MiLB ballparks,” added Kristin Barnett, Senior Director of Marketing for MiLB. “We are excited for the future of the player development system, and this is one small but important step toward recognizing MiLB as part of the broader ‘one baseball’ initiative.”

Major League Baseball first introduced its iconic “Batterman” logo for the centennial year of professional baseball in 1969; the logo — designed by the late Jerry Dior — was worn on the jerseys of all Major League Baseball teams that season.

While it’s hard to argue against the power of Major League Baseball’s logo, it is a shame to see another unique logo design bite the dust. I know I’m unusual when it comes to these things, but I personally enjoyed seeing the MiLB logo on the back of Minor League ballcaps both on the field and out in public.

Minor League Baseball will use its new logo in an official capacity for the first time during the broadcast of the 2023 Triple-A National Championship Game from Las Vegas on Saturday.

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