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Major League Baseball will pay respects to those lives lost and changed forever on this date twenty-two years ago during games played throughout the league tonight.

All twenty-eight teams in action today will wear a commemorative patch on the right side of their cap during their game. The patch worn by 27 of those teams features a red, white, and blue ribbon within a blue and silver circle. A Major League Baseball logo with the stars and stripes is placed upon it, and the words “WE SHALL NOT FORGET SEPTEMBER 11, 2001” are wrapped around inside the blue circle. The Canadian-based Toronto Blue Jays will instead wear a patch featuring the flags of the United States and Canada.

Players and coaches from the two New York-based clubs, the Mets and Yankees, will have the option to wear the cap of a NYC first responder (such as the NYPD or FDNY) in-game; their opponents tonight will be able to do so during batting practice only.

Here’s a look at some examples of first responder caps being worn by Mets and Yankees players last year on September 11, 2022:

The choice of which first responder organization logo appears on each cap is made on a player-by-player basis; each player and coach from the Mets and Yankees can choose which logo they wear; they also have the option to simply wear the team’s usual cap with the 9/11 ribbon patch on the side.

This is the sixth consecutive season in which players have worn the MLB 9-11 ribbon logo on the side of their caps for games played on September 11th. Previous to the ribbon, players wore a simple American flag patch from 2002 to 2007 (and again from 2011 to 2014); from 2015 to 2017, the American flag was shown waving on the patch. In 2008, 2009, and 2010 the patriotic-themed cap designs worn on Memorial Day and the Fourth of July were worn again on September 11; these designs were usually red, white, or blue versions of a team’s usual cap with an American flag included within their cap logo.

Caps featuring the 9-11 ribbon patch on the side are available to purchase now at the MLBShop.

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