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There’s just a touch more spring in the air this morning, thanks to the launch of the brand new 2024 Major League Baseball New Era Spring Training on-field caps; a release exclusive to SportsLogos.Net.

According to MLB and New Era, this set will be worn specifically for the Spring Training schedule; they will not be worn during regular season batting practice — we will see an entirely separate collection of new regular season B.P. cap designs for the 2024 season in the coming weeks.

The new line of 2024 Spring Training caps was designed by New Era and, in many instances, features bright colours and secondary team logos to help convey the program’s overall theme of Spring Break, youthful audiences, and young players.

Each team’s cap will also feature a team-coloured, home plate-shaped patch on the side with the year, the MLB logo, and a palm tree (if the club plays its Spring games in Florida) or a cactus (if they do so in Arizona).

It’s not just the logos and colours that are changing; it’s a whole new construction of cap, moving on from the “trucker style” mesh backing that has been worn during the spring since 2022 — this will certainly be welcome news for some players.

In addition to the elimination of the mesh backing, the actual fabric of the crown itself, as well as the logos, are getting a whole new treatment. It’s much easier to show these differences visually — check out the close-up side-by-side comparison below between the new 2024 caps on the right and the old 2022-23 style on the left:

While I haven’t physically held or tried on one of the new 2024 New Era Spring Training caps, they certainly look like they’d be a comfortable fit — but, of course, I won’t know for sure until I get a chance to get one on my head.

Taking a look at all thirty designs, you see there are certainly a few examples of those brighter, “more youthful” styles in here — you immediately see a lot of oranges, yellows, powder blues and teals, which is a welcome sight in a league in which a stunningly high amount of teams wear either royal or midnight blue as their main cap colour.

What catches my eye? Well, I’ve got to break that down into a couple of categories…

The Logo Notables: The Chicago Cubs are going with their ‘walking cub’ logo, which they had done before but always placed within a “C,” never on its own. The Cleveland Guardians are using their primary “Gnuckle-ball logo” (I believe I just made that name up, but it works!) on their cap for the first time since the name change; they’d always worn the “C” before. The Detroit Tigers are bringing back the tiger face logo, which they tried previously for Spring Training 2019 (but did they ever wear it?). The Minnesota Twins are wearing the crossed Minneapolis and St. Paul flags logo, which is typically worn on the sleeve of their cream “Twin-Cities” jersey, and the Nationals were quick to use the “W” from their new road jersey lettering.

The Colour Notables: I love all the bright colours here — these games will all be played outdoors under the sunny skies of Arizona and Florida. Whenever there was an option to wear a more vibrant secondary or tertiary colour, they went for it. The suddenly very teal for 2024 Diamondbacks and Mariners, the purple Rockies (we want more purple, Colorado!), the suddenly very blue for 2024 Marlins, Royals, Cubs, and Rangers, the orange Mets and Giants, and look at all that yellow from Milwaukee, Oakland, Pittsburgh, San Diego, and Tampa Bay (I really hope the Rays lean into yellow someday, they’re named for the sun!). Toronto takes us home with a nod to their original white-front panel caps but severely upgraded with a new powder blue visor and dark navy blue back panel; I could totally see this pairing with their “New Blue” regular season alternates someday.

The new 2024 MLB Spring Training caps will be available for sale online today; you can check out to see if they’re out there now by clicking here — I’ll update this post once we know for sure. What I do know for sure is that pitchers and catchers will start reporting to camp next week, and on top of the annual greatness that is the return of baseball, we’ll all get a great look at these caps in action when that happens. Gotta love it.

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