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The New York Rangers are going to get a little darker this season… with their new third jerseys, according to leaked photos making the rounds.

The photos, shared with us by Twitter user @MadHatter_Omaha, who found them on a listing at, show the familiar New York Rangers logo re-coloured navy blue instead of the Rangers’ usual shade of lighter royal blue, on the front of a matching dark navy blue sweater:

In the second photo, we see the collar of the jersey, which is navy blue like the base of the jersey itself, with a pattern in the inside back collar that perhaps is an homage to the iconic interior ceiling design of Madison Square Garden:

Additionally, we can see the team nickname of “BLUESHIRTS” inside that back collar, as well as a brief glimpse of three thin stripes, one red, one white, and (it’s hard to see) one royal blue. Based on how this sweater has been folded, these stripes would be from the bottom of the jersey, presented in reverse order, with royal blue on top and red at the bottom.

Note, the price tag attached to this sweater reads “NYR THIRD.”

We here at SportsLogos.Net had heard rumblings of an upcoming New York Rangers third uniform but knew no details of its design. The use of the shield logo on the front is a surprise (not a bad surprise, just a surprise) as we would have expected the club to recycle their Statue of Liberty third jersey logo from the 1990s and, more recently, their Reverse Retro series.

The Rangers wore their shield logo on their jerseys from 1976 to 1978

Despite it being their primary logo throughout their nearly 100-year run in the National Hockey League, the New York Rangers have rarely worn the shield logo on the front of their jerseys. From 1926 through 1976, the Rangers wore their team name diagonally across the front before switching to the shield logo in 1976-77. The move was unpopular, and after just two seasons, the diagonal wordmarks quickly returned for the 1978-79 season.

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