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The name, colors and crest for Major League Soccer’s newest franchise have reportedly leaked, and it appears the league may have yet another FC on its books.

The ownership group behind the San Diego-based team are set to officially unveil the name, crest and colors on Friday, October 20. But The Athletic published a story on Thursday afternoon after acquiring the logo and explainer and confirming that it was the real deal.

The story says the club will be called San Diego FC. Its crest will feature a shield with “SAN DIEGO” arched at the top and “FC” in the middle of a circle with six sets of lines swooping around. The shield details have a chrome effect on a dark base, while the outline of the crest fades from yellow to red to blue.

According to The Athletic, the brand identity was designed by Costa Rican firm Pupila, who also recently redesigned the crest for the Costa Rican national team. The explainer they got their hands on says the firm “months of research … through focus groups, member surveys and countless meetings and listening sessions with the San Diego community.”

The club’s colors are described as “chrome” and “azul,” and the crest centers around four “principal virtues” that define San Diego: “Gratitude, proud, not loud, diversity and a state of flow.” The 18 lines in the central portion of the crest around the “FC” initials “represent the 18 communities of San Diego County.” And the arched “SAN DIEGO” at the top of the crest is described as a nod to arches found in architecture around the city.

San Diego FC will become MLS’s 30th franchise when it begins play in 2025 at Snapdragon Stadium on the campus of San Diego State University.

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