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The New York Rangers officially unveiled their new third uniform this morning, confirming the leak that first made the rounds back in October.

It’s a navy blue base with the team’s long-used shield logo front-and-centre, no striping around the collar, but they make up for that with *18* red, white, and royal blue stripes on each sleeve and each sock — three thin stripes, one of each colour, are around the waist at the bottom of the sweater.

The striping pattern, which will catch the eye of most, is a reference to Madison Square Garden’s lights, streaking traffic, and “the hustle of the city.” Inside the back collar is a NYC subway tile pattern that reads “BLUESHIRTS,” a nickname just about as old as the franchise itself.

Graphic via New York Rangers

“Since the birth of the franchise in 1926, the Rangers shield has symbolized the relationship between team and city,” read the release from the team. “The core elements, ‘New York,’ across the top and ‘Rangers’ diagonal from left to right, have represented the bond between the two for nearly 100 years. This is the city that never sleeps because there’s no quit in the people that live in it. We hold true to our identity but pay homage to our city and all those who call themselves New Yorkers. This is Made From New York.”

It’s a small thing, but I love that they carried over the same style for the captaincy patches as they usually wear with their home and away sweaters. It might even look bolder and more impressive in a single colour here than it does in its usual two-colour + drop-shadow application.

Wearing the New York Rangers shield logo on the front of their sweater is a relatively uncommon practice throughout the club’s history. Since their establishment in the 1920s, the Rangers have almost always worn “RANGERS” diagonally across the front – exceptions have happened, “RANGERS” was replaced with “NEW YORK” on their road sweaters in the 1980s, and the shield logo was worn home and away for two seasons in 1976-77 and 1977-78. It was brought back as part of the NHL’s Vintage uniform in the early 2000s and then again on a Winter Classic uniform in the 2010s.

The primary shield logo has rarely been worn on the front of the Rangers jersey.

The Rangers announced the new uniforms will be worn for ten home games in 2023-24, with the debut coming against the Los Angeles Kings on December 10th. The full schedule is below:

December 10, 2023 vs Los Angeles
December 15, 2023 vs Anaheim
December 23, 2023 vs Buffalo
January 14, 2024 vs Washington
January 26, 2024 vs Vegas
February 7, 2024 vs Tampa Bay
March 9, 2024 vs St. Louis
March 17, 2024 vs NY Islanders
March 23, 2024 vs Florida
April 3, 2024 vs New Jersey

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