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Late last year, the collegiate summer level Northwoods League, which for 30 years has been home to a baseball program, introduced a softball program set to debut in 2024. This week, the league unveiled the name and logo for the Mankato Habaneros, the first of four teams that will take the field this summer.

While habaneros are typically grown in hotter climates than you find in the upper midwest, the team explains, “The Habaneros’ logo embodies the team’s fiery spirit, featuring flames that engulf the script and a color scheme reminiscent of the ripening pepper.”

One unique detail of the brand is that the team’s colors will change as the season progresses, “mirroring the ripening process of the Habanero pepper itself,” per the team.

The Habaneros will join as-of-yet unnamed teams in La Crosse, Wisconsin; Madison, Wisconsin; and Minot, North Dakota.

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