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The Northern California county of Yolo will have a new baseball team in 2024, the Yolo High Wheelers. The team will play on the campus of UC Davis, located in Yolo County not far from Sacramento.

The logo features a stylized, winged penny farthing, a tribute to the fact that Davis, California, is home to the US Bicycling Hall of Fame. Penny farthings were a type of bicycle popular in the 1870s and 1880s—their name coming from British coins, pennies and farthings, which had drastically different sizes.

The High Wheelers will be a member of the Pioneer League, an MLB partner league best known for breaking ties after nine innings with a home run contest. The team is owned by the same group that recently launched another Pioneer League team that made a splash, the Oakland Ballers.

The High Wheelers will roll out for the first time when the Pioneer League begins play in May.

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