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The 2024 NHL Winter Classic, taking place today at T-Mobile Park in Seattle, presents a face-off between the two youngest franchises in the league as the host Seattle Kraken (established 2021) take on the Vegas Golden Knights (est. 2017). This event marks the first-ever NHL outdoor game in Seattle, the first outdoor game for the Kraken, and the first Winter Classic appearance by the Golden Knights.

2024 NHL Winter Classic Logo

The 2024 NHL Winter Classic logo, unveiled back in June, captures Seattle’s nautical essence. Like the Kraken, the logo features shades of blue, light blue, lighter blue, and red; unlike the Kraken, there’s some gold. The design features a light blue compass whose red dial points (naturally) to the northwest, waves at the logo’s base, and a rope that encircles the scripted lettering.

This design honours Seattle’s waterfront location and rich coastal history. The subtle red eye in the middle of the “n” aligns with the Seattle Kraken logo, while the wordmark maintains the general feel that we’ve been seeing since the very first Winter Classic held in Buffalo back in 2008.

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2024 NHL Winter Classic Uniforms

The NHL officially unveiled the 2024 Winter Classic uniforms for the Seattle Kraken and Vegas Golden Knights in November, following a series of (probably) scripted leaks.

The Kraken Winter Classic uniform pays homage to the look of the 1910s Seattle Metropolitans, a member of the PCHA (no, not the NHL) and the first non-Canadian team to win the Stanley Cup. The uniform features a mostly navy blue jersey with beige and light blue horizontal stripes. The logo on the chest is similar to those original Mets sweaters with a large “S” and the team name “KRAKEN” inside. The connection to the Metropolitans is further linked with a “1917” mark on the back collar, the year the early club clinched their Stanley Cup victory.

“Being able to drop that status that we’ve already won one Cup in this town, and we’re going to chase you, Vegas Golden Knights, and get our second soon enough,” Adidas design director Matty Merrill said, “that’s a cool thing to put in there.”

Speaking of the Golden Knights, their uniform is certainly a bit more underwhelming when compared to the Kraken. The design includes an off-white sweater with gold stripes and a large dark grey “V” logo on the chest. The overall look is Inspired by the 1910s Wild West and the ceremonial uniforms worn by those at West Point. The design includes seven stars in the back collar to represent the Golden Knights’ seven seasons. The theme of this design looks to be a fantasy “what if” uniform, as in, “What if Las Vegas had a hockey team to face off against Seattle back in 1917? How would that look?”

“The Vegas gold currently in that franchise is very blingy; it’s shiny, it’s metallic. It’s a textile that we worked with them for multiple years in order to create a performance fabric that had that true metallic quality,” Merrill said. “Well, that would not have existed in 1917, which was 100 years from when they were founded. What would that colour be? It’s going to be a muted gold. What would the striping be? It’s going to be a lot more simple.”

Merrill added regarding the Golden Knights’ design, “Knowing Bill Foley and his background at West Point, and that name, Golden Knights, having a military reference, let’s keep going back to that well, but in a new way, and so, the braid, or it’s really chain stitch, on our crest is derived from the braid on the dress-grey uniforms that West Point cadets wear.”

2024 Winter Classic Rink, Goalie Helmet Designs

2024 NHL Winter Classic Merch

The 2024 NHL Winter Classic jerseys for the Seattle Kraken and Vegas Golden Knights are now available at, along with other Winter Classic-related merchandise featuring the special sweater logos for both clubs. You can get your own before they’re gone forever right here!

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