Travis Kelce Jerseys Selling Like Hot Cakes Thanks to “Swifites”

Thanks to Taylor Swift, Travis Kelce jerseys are more popular than Patrick Mahomes.

After the Kansas City Chiefs vs. Chicago Bears Week 3 game on September 24th, with Taylor Swift in attendance, searches for Travis Kelce jerseys ballooned by 1,267%, overtaking star quarterback Patrick Mahomes for the first time in history.

Demand for Travis Kelce jerseys is at its highest since the previous all-time high after winning the 2023 Super Bowl.

Searches for Kansas City Chiefs jerseys and tickets have also surged by 1,974% and 1,853%, respectively, over the last seven days.

Analysis of Google search data reveals that searches for ‘Travis Kelce jersey’ exploded by 1,267% worldwide on September 26th compared to the prior seven days.

This comes amid dating rumors between Kelce and singer Taylor Swift, as the superstar musician appeared at the Kansas City Chiefs’ absolute destruction against the Chicago Bears. The Chiefs won the game 41-10. The Chiefs led 34-0 at halftime and the game could’ve just been stopped right then.

But if it had been, Swift would not have been able to see Trevvy’s TD that capped the Chiefs scoring barrage.

The analysis by Replay Poker reveals that searches for ‘Travis Kelce jersey’ soared by over 12 times the average volume compared to the last seven days.

The skyrocketing interest can be attributed to Taylor Swift’s rabid, hardcore fans known as “Swifites.”

During the Chiefs absolute POUNDING of the Chicago Bears, the national broadcast on Fox spent the majority of the second half of the game analyzing Swift’s attendance in a prviate box.

Flanked by TK’s mother, it is fair to wonder who referred to him as “Trevvy” first.

The increase in fans looking to purchase a Travis Kelce jersey as worn by Kelce can be attributed to the national TV audience via Fox.

And, T Swizzle fans looking to rep the jersey worn by the man who will doubtlessly inspire her next multi-platinum album.

Further analysis reveals demand for Travis Kelce jerseys is at the highest point since the Super Bowl LVII, which reached the highest point of all time.

For the first time in history, TK’s search demand has overtaken star quarterback Patrick Mahomes, who led the Chiefs to victory at the Super Bowl LVII in February.

At the height of search interest, demand for Travis Kelce jerseys dwarfed Mahomes’ by over 2,000% over the last seven days.

After winning against the Chicago Bears, demand for Patrick Mahomes jerseys has also seen an 819% rise compared to average levels over the last seven days.

Searches for Kansas City Chiefs jerseys and tickets also surged by 1,974% and 1,853%, respectively.

Taylor Swift and Kelce’s dating rumors have drawn intense public attention, causing interest in the Chiefs’ tickets and jerseys to skyrocket.

It’s fascinating to see that demand for Kelce’s jersey overtook Mahomes’ only after Taylor Swift was pictured. This shows just how influential the star and her legions of followers are.

Swift has over 273 million followers on Instagram alone, around 88 times that of Kelce, demonstrating just how powerful her fandom is and how it can cause record-breaking search increases.

This could result in ticket prices for Chiefs’ games skyrocketing as fans clamor to catch a glimpse of the budding couple together, and could well raise the profile of Kelce and his teammates to new heights.

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